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Our Mission

As we progress through the 21st Century, higher education is more important than ever to the youth of our community. TOSCA’s charge is to create a community-wide effort to increase the interest of higher education in our youth, whether it be in vocational or collegiate institutions.

Our goals and purpose include:

  • To increase the number of scholarships available to our high school seniors and graduates seeking further education

  • To honor junior high and high school students for their academic excellence.

Since TOSCA’s inception in 1993 over $2,171,000 has been awarded in scholarships and academic annuities to over 1,950 deserving students of the Newman-Crows Landing Unified School District.

The continued success of TOSCA means increased financial aid to help our youth continue their education after high school. TOSCA’s charge is to continue to create a community-wide effort to increase the interest of higher education in our youth, whether it be in vocation or collegiate institutions.

Points of Interest

  • The organization was formed in 1993 with the efforts of Bob McConnell the charter president of the organization

  • A 15 member board of directors serves the organization with an advisory panel consisting of the principal of the middle school, the principal of the high school, the superintendent of the school district and a representative from the city council. The board of directors conducts monthly meetings.

  • TOSCA is a California 501c3 non-profit corporation.

  • Endowment funds ($250,000) from the Estate of Dorothy and Ben Arnhold were willed to the Newman-Crows Landing Unified School District in the latter part of 1993 and the district named TOSCA as the vehicle to distribute the scholarship funds. Only interest earned on the endowment is distributed annually.

  • In 1995 TOSCA began a program of honoring the Top 10 students of grades 8-11 with $50 annuities. The annuities are paid in addition to other scholarships earned by the students. To be paid the annuities, students must meet the minimum requirements of a TOSCA scholarship. Top 10 senior students are awarded certificates of achievement.

  • In 1996, former school board member and Crows Landing resident, John Patrick Grisez passed away and willed an endowment fund of $100,000 to the school district with the stipulation that the funds be distributed to students seeking further education in the fields of law and medicine. Only interest earned on the endowment will be distributed.

  • In 1998 the school district formed an investment committee consisting of the district superintendent, the district finance manager, two representatives from TOSCA and a member of the school district board of trustees. The committee is responsible for investment decisions of the Arnhold and Grisez Endowments.

  • In December 2000, former Newman resident, businessman and Orestimba Union High School graduate, Ernie Prien contributed $1,000,000 to TOSCA. Two endowment funds were created from the generous gift; A $500,000 scholarship fund for college undergraduates and college graduates seeking further degrees and a $500,000 school fund to enhance educational programs within the school district. Only the interest earned on the endowments will be distributed.

  • A TOSCA Endowment Scholarship Fund was formed in January of 2001. With five levels of giving beginning at $5,000 with an Honorary Degree, this program will enhance the annual TOSCA fundraising drives. Benefactors and outright contributors will both be honored each year at the annual scholarship banquet.

Honorary Degree Level:  $5,000
Associate Degree Level: $10,000
Bachelors Degree Level: $15,000
Masters Degree Level:  $20,000
Doctorate Level:  $25,000 or more​


Scholarship Awarding History

1994: $13,950, 18 recipients

18 OHS Seniors

1995: $26,745, 46 recipients

27 OHS Seniors, 19 College students

1996: $47,115, 78 recipients

40 OHS Seniors, 36 College students

1997: $57,895, 61 recipients

34 OHS Seniors, 27 College students

1998: $54,650, 61 recipients

35 OHS Seniors, 24 College students

1999: $65,620, 70 recipients

38 OHS Seniors, 32 College students​

2000: $55,185, 48 recipients

19 OHS Seniors, 29 College students​

2001: $76,000, 56 recipients

25 OHS Seniors, 31 College students​

2002: $75,100, 84 recipients

31 OHS Seniors, 53 College students​

2003: $66,650, 61 recipients

21 OHS Seniors, 40 College students​

2004: $58,100, 50 recipients

20 OHS Seniors, 30 College students​

2005: $64,150, 53 recipients

18 OHS Seniors, 35 College students​

2006: $68,700, 54 recipients

27 OHS Seniors, 27 College students​

2007: $77,600, 56 recipients

23 OHS Seniors, 33 College students​

2008: $100,000-plus, 80 recipients

40 OHS Seniors, 40 College students​

2009: $64,975, 82 recipients

32 OHS Seniors, 50 College students​

2010: $70,400, 74 recipients

34 OHS Seniors, 39 College students​

2011: $83,905, 89 recipients

49 OHS Seniors, 40 College students​

2012: $105,150, 86 recipients

44 OHS Seniors, 42 College students​

2013: $99,350, 87 recipients

38 OHS Seniors, 49 College students​

2014: $117,675, 104 recipients

33 OHS Seniors, 71 College students​

2015: $144,850, 99 recipients

39 OHS Seniors, 99 College students​

2016: $144,850, 95 recipients

26 OHS Seniors, 69 College students​

2017: $142,050, 111 recipients

48 OHS Seniors, 63 College students​

2018: $145,000, 104 recipients

41 OHS Seniors, 63 College students​

2019: $171,300, 128 recipients

54 OHS Seniors, 74 College students

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